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Buying a Graco EcoQuip 2?
Better choose Blastall.

No one understands the technology like we do.

The Blastall team designed and manufactured the Geoblaster, which was acquired by Graco and became the basis for Ecoquip 2.

Our deep understanding of the technology allows us to provide superior customer support and troubleshooting in the field… and we never turn off our phones.

In addition, we have 30+ years of experience as blasting contractors - so we know what challenges you’ll encounter on the job, and we’ll get you into the right equipment and supplies to get it done right.

Blastall is authorized to distribute Graco Ecoquip 2 vapor abrasive blasters throughout North America.

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    What’s Different About Graco Ecoquip 2?
    Just about everything.

    While other wet abrasive blasters use old-school carburetor-style technology to draw water and media into the blast stream, the EcoQuip 2 line uses hydraulic power to inject moist media into the blast stream. You get:

    • the same great dust suppression - up to 92%
    • more efficient media and water usage that saves you money
    • fine control over consumption - makes field-adjustments easy
    • ventless pot for smooth blasting pressure
    • redesigned for fast and easy setup
    • parts rated up to 170 psi - for blasting power that exceeds dry blasting.