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Dust-free Blasting Just Got A Whole Lot Better.

Ecoquip 2 Wet Abrasive Blasters Clean Faster, Use Less Media, and Are Engineered to Last Longer by Graco - the Worldwide Leaders in Fluid Handling Equipment Manufacturing.

When it has to be cleaned on time, on budget and according to spec, surface prep professionals use Ecoquip 2.


For about the same investment as an old-school dust-free blaster, you can own an Ecoquip2 EQp - the next generation of dust-free blaster. We’ll tell you all about it.

    Old school carburetor-style dustless blasting...

    sucks the abrasive / water mixture into the blast stream via the venturi effect

    • uses an excessive amount of water and abrasive
    • not productive at lower pressures
    • no way to separately adjust pressure, media consumption rate and water dose

    • abrasive capacity: 200 lbs
    • water consumption: 1.3 quarts/min
    • approximate runtime: 60 min
    • minimum compressor: 185 CFM

    Next generation dustless blasting with media injection...

    uses hydraulic pressure and an engineered blast circuit to inject moist media into the blast stream

    • independent adjustment of blast pressure, media consumption rate and water dose
    • productive at pressures ranging from 30 psi to 150+ psi
    • good for delicate restoration work and heavy duty industrial and marine applications

    • abrasive capacity: 220 lbs
    • water consumption: 5 - 1.0 quarts/min
    • approximate runtime: 90 min
    • minimum compressor: 185 CFM

    Watch Ecoquip 2 Blast the Competition

    The Ecoquip 2 next-generation dust-free blaster went head-to-head vs an old-school carburetor-style dustless blaster and outperformed it by 16%. Take a look!

    Need an abrasive blaster for contracting, marine and heavy industrial applications?

    Graco has you covered.


    Powerful, portable and professional grade.



    Truck-ready, high performance, industrial grade abrasive blaster.


    EQs Elite

    A fully loaded, high production system.


    EQs2 Twinline

    Two pots and two nozzles on one skid.


    About Graco

    Since 1927, Graco has been engineering and manufacturing equipment that pumps, meters, mixes, and dispenses liquids. They are the fluid-handling experts, providing solutions to over 20 industries.

    Graco manufactures Ecoquip2 to world-class standards, with quality Graco parts, rigorously testing each machine prior to shipping to ensure it performs to specifications in the field.

    Graco products are sold and supported by trained and certified Graco distributors, providing local support wherever the job takes you.

    Learn more at the official Graco Ecoquip 2 website.

    Graco has you covered.

    Not sure which Ecoquip is right for the job?

    Get a free consultation from the wet abrasive blasting experts at Blastall.