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Who We Are

Blastall sells and rents abrasive blasting equipment and supplies throughout North America.

Blastall is owned and operated by the McIntyre family, inventors of the Geoblaster, with experience in blasting, coating, contracting and equipment manufacturing stretching back three generations.

How We Got Here


John A. McIntyre, a welder and machinist, takes a job as manager at a plant where they fabricate equipment and parts out of steel - becoming the first of three generations of McIntyres to work in the manufacturing, sandblasting and coating business.


John A. teaches his son, John E. how to weld, introducing him to the field of equipment fabrication.


John A. puts a sandblasting hose in front of John E., launching his other career as a sandblaster.


John E. gets his hands on his first wet abrasive “venturi” nozzle. He’s unhappy with how it works, and subsequently builds his own. Over the next 15 years, the McIntyres will develop more efficient wet abrasive blasting technology, specially suited for contracting work.


John E. founds a contracting company, Hydrovac, to wash mobile equipment. Over the next 13 years, Hydrovac will branch out into sandblasting, water blasting, and wet abrasive blasting, all the while building their own equipment.


John W. joins Hydrovac: becoming the third generation of McIntyre to enter the blasting, coating and equipment manufacturing business.


Hydrovac has become a significant blasting and coating contractor, numbering fifty employees, blasting and coating 700-plus foot marine vessels. Along the way, they have developed the top performing wet abrasive blasting technology.


Anticipating EPA and MOE regulations to come, the McIntyres recognize that wet abrasive blasting is the wave of the future. They sell Hydrovac and focus their energy and capital on manufacturing their proprietary wet abrasive blasting technology on a mass scale.


The McIntyres launch Geoblaster, the wet abrasive blasting equipment line built for contractors, by contractors. Geoblaster soon acquires the reputation of being best-in-class.


Geoblaster is acquired by Graco, the fluid-handling manufacturers. The McIntyres continue to have a great working relationship with Graco.


The McIntyres launch Blastall - the next phase of their multi-generational involvement with the blasting equipment industry and becomes a distributor for the Graco Ecoquip product. Says John W: "We got back into it because it's what we know and we're good at it!”

What We're Good At

We know the blasting and coating contracting business cold.

Because of that, we provide a class of customer service that other distributors can’t touch. And no other distributor understands the technology like Blastall. After all, we helped design the equipment.

We Outfit You With The Right Equipment For The Job

We consult with customers, discovering out the project requirements and walking through the job with you, advising you not only which blasting equipment, compressor, nozzle and hoses will get optimal results, but also which abrasive, rust inhibitors, PPE and other supplies to use.

Blastall is a one-stop shop, providing everything you need and delivering it as one unit.

We Provide Advice That Gives You The Advantage

We have three generations of contracting experience. If you have questions about surface preparation, hoarding and containment, cleanup and disposal, or other operational challenges, we have the answers.

We’re also experts on the coating side, and can advise you what paint pumps, equipment and products will produce the best results.

Timely and Helpful Support in the Field

When you buy from Blastall, the best troubleshooting is just a phone call away. No one else can diagnose and solve problems in the field like we can: which means less down-time, and the most cost-effective solution, every time.

And at Blastall, our phones don’t shut off at 5:00 - we’re are always available, after hours and on weekends.

Experience You Can Trust.

Advice You Can Count On.

Talk to us today about your abrasive blasting needs.

Call 1-905-774-1410 or email johnw@blastallequipment.com