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Use Less Media with

Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment is the most advanced wet abrasive blasting line available. While competing products draw media and water into the blast stream via the venturi effect, injects moist media into the blast stream.

Like a carburetor vs. fuel injection, gives you better mileage from your media, and precision control over operating parameters - an innovation made possible by the fluid-handling experts at .

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Designed to Suppress Dust, and More

Dry abrasive blasting creates a dust cloud that is expensive to contain and clean up.

Furthermore, silica dust is a killer, and dust from coal and ore slags are not much better, if at all. The latest OSHA Silica Rule has mandated engineering controls to suppress dust - namely the addition of water to the blast stream or surface. Smart operators are getting out of dry blasting.

Wet abrasive blasting suppresses dust up to 92%, but that’s just the beginning. It also translates into material and operational savings that more than justify the initial investment.


John E. McIntyre in his contracting days, blasting a tank back in 1993.

Support You Can Grow On

supplies wet abrasive blasting equipment throughout North America and beyond, but what sets us apart is our deep knowledge of the technology and the industry.

Owned and operated by the McIntyre family, has deep roots in blasting contracting stretching back three generations. We understand the opportunities and challenges involved in blasting like no other, and we use that knowledge to give premier support to our customers to help them achieve their goals.

You get the benefit of years of blasting experience. That’s the advantage of having the McIntyre family in your corner.


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